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The number one question people ask me about astrology is Sun-sign compatibility: is this sign compatible with that sign? Popular guides give lists of the best and worst Sun signs for you based on your own Sun sign - and as you may have noticed, those lists don't work! Sun-sign compatibility doesn't work because the Sun describes someone's outward personality and says little about what they look for in a partner. To accurately determine compatibility, you need (at the very least) to use the Moon as well as the Sun; and that's what this test does. It's still an approximation, but you may be surprised at how well it sometimes works.

To use the test: enter your and the other person's birth date and time as numbers only, with four-digit years, 24-hour time, and time zone, then submit the form. To make the zone selection easier I've flagged the standard North American time zones and those of a few places from which I get a lot of Web site visits. See the time zones article in Wikipedia for more information.

Contact the test author by email.

Entered birth data is not retained. The server does log HTTP transactions including referrers, etc., according to standard World Wide Web practices. The "user-contributed link" feature records (and makes visible to other users) the Sun and Moon signs along with the entered URL, which are enough to narrow the birth date down to about two days per year (different days in different years) but do not indicate the year. For any jurisdictions that may require such a statement, astrological information on this site is provided for entertainment purposes only.

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