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29 June 2008 - updated 11 September 2012
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This form generates nice-looking astrological charts in PDF or PNG format. It's mostly a demonstration of my horoscop and starfont astrological typesetting packages for LaTeX, but the hope is that the charts will also be useful for general purposes even for non-users of horoscop. They compare favorably to those generated by the other free online chart systems I'm aware of. This system does not provide any interpretation; for that you'll have to look elsewhere. See the FAQ for instructions, privacy and other notices, and other information.

Enter date and time


Check here to use current time, overriding whatever is entered above.

Check here to allow dates outside the 20th and 21st Centuries. Read the FAQ first.

Enter location

longitude ° ' ''
latitude ° ' ''

Name or title for chart

Choose options

If you choose more than one house system, you get the alphabetically last one you chose, except that the equal and whole-sign systems override others. Generally you should choose just one system, except that the "5 degrees early" selection is an option that may be added to any other system. If you choose none, you get Placidus.

Aspect orb (percent of default, use -1 for no aspects)

Output format

PNG output can only contain one page, which will be the first one if you chose more than one.

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