OK, we've got pop, chips, anything else we need?

Frozen burritos?

I've got a bunch in the freezer back at the lab already. Hey, how about some ramen?

Well, OK, but the good kind, OK? Not Mr. Noodle, that shit is just solid MSG.

All right, all right. Whaddaya like?

I like these ones.

I dunno, there isn't a single word of English or even Japanese on that...

Hey, live a little. Besides, you know the drill: quality directly proportional to the number of separate items in the package!

Well, what about these? I get these all the time, there's powder soup base and a little packet of liquid stuff in with the block of noodles.

Got you beat, these have no less than seven different things in the pack!

Yeah, but I tried one of those last week, and to tell the truth it kinda scared me because I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it all. The instructions were useless of course, I don't even know what language that is. I dumped all the powders in with both blocks of noodles and some water, but there was this perfect solid spherical thing, looked like a yellow gum ball. I boiled it in with the rest but it didn't seem to dissolve. I nearly chipped a tooth trying to eat it, ended up throwing it out.

Ha ha.


You didn't really just boil it with the rest, did you?

Well, what was I supposed to do with it?

I don't fucking believe this.

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