I know from my referrer logs that a lot of people on the Net are looking for episode-by-episode summaries of anime plots.  Well, here are some summaries for Revolutionary Girl Utena.  Please note that these summaries are my own original work, and they are subject to copyright.  You are welcome to link to them.  You are not welcome to copy them onto your own Web site.

For more information on Revolutionary Girl Utena, read the Wikipedia entry.

This is a page full of episode summaries.  Of course it'll contain spoilers.  Don't read it if you don't want to.

I've seen Utena before, but I recently bought the new re-release set, and I'm writing these as I work my way through it, posting them as I go.  New episodes will appear in the right-hand column of this page as I add them, and here are links in chronological order (some of which are broken because the relevant episodes haven't been summarized yet):