Tenjou Utena wants to be a handsome prince and rescue beautiful damsels in distress, notwithstanding that she is a beautiful damsel herself.  She defeats Saionji Kyouichi in a duel, discovering too late that Himemiya Anthy is the prize.

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The episode starts with a flashback explaining that once upon a time, there was a little orphaned princess who was very sad, and a handsome prince came along and cheered her up and gave her a signet ring with a rose sigil on it.  The little princess was so impressed that she decided, when she grew up, to be a handsome prince just like him.

Then we return to what passes for reality in this series, where we meet Shinohara Wakaba, a typical schoolgirl.  She's waiting to meet her boyfriend - who turns out to be Tenjou Utena, very visibly a girl even though she's wearing what is described as a boy's uniform.  It is, nonetheless, a whole lot different from the uniforms worn by the actual boys.  Several scenes introduce Utena as a champion of the weak, basketball star, adored by all the other girls (and evidently not always in a purely Platonic way), annoyer of teachers, etc.  Utena is the little princess from the opening sequence, now grown up, and she wears the rose ring.

Utena sees a boy - Saionji Kyouichi - arguing with a girl - Himemiya Anthy - and eventually striking her.  She assumes they must be a couple.  Wakaba sets her straight:  Saionji would never fall for a nerd like Himemiya, they're just talking because they're on the student council together.  Then we meet the rest of the student council, all of whom are strange.  They argue with Saionji over his mistreatment of "the Rose Bride", apparently Himemiya, but he and Himemiya are both adamant that because he is the current duelling champion, she must submit to him.  The student council warns him that if "End of the World" finds out, he'll be in trouble; he retorts that if they have an objection, they can duel with him.

Then Utena encounters a group of students laughing at a love letter someone has tacked up on the bulletin board.  It turns out to be from Wakaba to Saionji.  Utena confronts Saionji in the kendo club, which he is the president of, and challenges him to fight her after school.  He names the place:  the forest out behind the school where nobody's allowed to go.

Utena shows up at the forest and discovers that her ring unlocks the transformation sequence for getting into the duelling arena.  The arena is a strange and magical place with a castle floating upside-down above it.  Himemiya shows up and gives Utena and Saionji each a rose, telling them that the winner will be the one who cuts the other one's rose from their buttonhole.  Then she does some sort of magical trance thing, and Saionji pulls a sword out of her heart, which he uses to fight Utena.  Utena is surprised to discover that it's a real sword - she was expecting a wooden kendo sword like her own, and is rather dismayed when he promptly cuts off most of the "blade" of her sword.  Nonetheless she manages to remove Saionji's rose with the broken stub of the wooden sword, Himemiya wishes him well, calling him "sempai" instead of "sama," much to his distress, and that's the end of that.  In the evening as Utena is walking home, Himemiya appears and tells her that since she won the duel, "I belong to you now."

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