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Mon 22 Nov 2010 by mskala Tags used: , ,

Here's a little something I've been working on:

[Tsukurimashou typeface demo image]

Yes, it's a Japanese-language typeface family, created with Metafont. I call it "Tsukurimashou," which could be translated as "Let's create!" So far I only have all the hiragana and some punctuation, as shown above, but those characters went pretty well and so I'm seriously considering extending it to include katakana, kanji, and some trimmings.

Now, creating a typeface just for English is a pretty big project, I'm not a pro-level type designer and not exactly proficient in Japanese, and decent free typefaces designed by people who are both already exist, so it's easy to ask "Why bother?" or even 「バカじゃない?」. But that's actually kind of the point: I want to learn more about typography, I want to learn to read and write Japanese, designing a few thousand glyphs to cover the kanji is going to take years but so will learning to read them anyway and I've already decided to attempt that, and given that completing a task involving a skill is a good way to learn the skill, I think it might actually be less work to learn Japanese writing and also design a typeface for it, than to do either one of those two things by itself. And then at the end of it I'd have created a Japanese-language Metafont typeface family, something which to my knowledge nobody has ever achieved at all (there've been one or two aborted attempts), and that would be cool even if it isn't an artistically great typeface.

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I envy and admire. Axel - 2010-11-23 10:27

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