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Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake

Wed 22 Dec 2010 by mskala Tags used:

I checked out of my apartment. That involved fewer formalities than I expected - nothing to sign, just handed back the keys, and the superintendent took the smell of bleach as evidence I'd left the place clean, and thanked me - apparently not having expected it. I get the impression that expected condition for rental units on departure varies a lot province to province and maybe even city to city. I remember the place I stayed in Burnaby, which charged me a fee for not having cleaned the oven even though I did clean the oven, dammit, and what could I do, I can't exactly take them to court in a city I no longer live in over $40; and more than one where (and this was a requirement I agreed to in the lease, so it offended me much less) I had to show them a receipt for carpet steam-cleaning when I left. For me I guess how I feel about it partly depends on how I feel about the place I'm leaving - this management company in Toronto treated me well, so I was inclined to put in some effort, though I didn't go to the level of moving, and cleaning under, the stove and refrigerator, and I have the impression nobody has cleaned the top of the kitchen cupboards since the building was built 90 years ago. By the way, why do people build kitchen cupboards that neither go all the way to the ceiling, nor have enough space to put objects on top? I can see reasons for either of those designs, but not for the usual case of a few centimetres' gap.

The movers have most of my worldly goods in their care, but I took my remaining luggage down to the bus station and locked it in a locker. Then I returned my cable modem to the ISP, and headed for the U of T campus. The campus is locked down for the winter break now, but as expected, I was able to get into my office anyway, and I've been camped out here for the last few hours. In the near future I'll be putting my key under someone's door (haven't decided whose yet), collecting my luggage, and going to a friend's place for a Solstice ritual. That will use up much of the night; then I plan to nap for a few more hours, and then I'll be off to Winnipeg, thence Calgary and Victoria.


Bon Voyage & smooth sailing mate. Owen - 2010-12-22 22:06
Also, the thing with the cupboards is done to create the illusion of space. It's a common architectural fallacy; reduce the usable space, while at the same time convincing the observer that there is more usable space than physics allows, through simple geo-spatial glamor utilizing the brain's inability to properly resolve ocular conundrums. Owen - 2010-12-22 22:10
Steven R. Baker
I learned when I first installed cupboards into an old house that you leave a gap because the cabinets are more likely to be perfectly square than the building they're being installed in. If you try to true up the cabinets, it'll be more noticeable than a gap all the way across. Optical illusion is another reasonable explanation, though. Steven R. Baker - 2010-12-23 02:09
My experience even just in Toronto is that expectations for the condition of a rental unit when you vacate vary wildly from landlord to landlord (though maybe the variation depends more on neighbourhood now that I think of it). kiwano - 2010-12-23 11:13
The squareness thing makes sense. The apartment I just moved out of was like something out of a Lovecraft story - not a perfect right angle in the place. Matt - 2010-12-23 13:11

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