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Let's rid of spam!

Tue 30 Mar 2010 by mskala Tags used: , ,

Well, the comment spammers sure showed up fast. I have enabled "spam-quiz" authentication, much like what worked well on the old site: you have to enter "bonobo" in the anti-spam field to post a comment, and there's an explanation saying so right next to it. This software also supports what it calls hash-cash, which involves a piece of obfuscated Javascript that does a calculation on the client side to prove that the user is running some approximation of a real Web browser instead of a robot. I'd prefer to avoid that, though, because both obfuscated Javascript and Javascript in general are instruments of the Devil.


One has to write bonobo after previewing. If one writes it before previewing, previews, and then clicks on the Post button, that won't work. Axel - 2010-03-31 16:44
Oh, you fixed that. It worked just now but it didn't yesterday. Axel - 2010-03-31 16:45
I didn't knowingly fix that; however, I did recently upgrade the version of PivotX as part of my ongoing struggles with some translation issues, so maybe that had an effect. Another reader also reported problems with the spam quiz and preview; after I sleep I'll look into whether that's the same issue, whether the upgrade fixed it, and so on. Matt - 2010-03-31 21:59

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