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幸ちゃんの失望・a disappointment for Sachi-chan
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幸ちゃんの失望・a disappointment for Sachi-chan
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From: Matt on 2011-08-05 18:49:19
This is from "BLUE BACKS Comic Book: Becoming skilled with chemical equations, goodbye 'mole' allergy!", which is a seriously-intended educational book for high school students.   Yuu's Elder Brother [if he has a name of his own, I wasn't able to find it]: Shall we rest for a bit?  Sachi: Eh?!   Sachi's thoughts: O-kay, I get it, that's what he says now - after tiring me out so much [climbing a mountain]... isn't he a schemer! I wonder what I should do...   YEB: Ahh.  Sachi: You meant on the B-B-B-BENCH?!   For a good time, play the "clueless foreigner" card and ask a Japanese person to explain this joke to you. Extra bonus points if you can get them to do hand gestures.