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later mockup with all front-panel parts installed brand new front panel
brand new front panel 1 コメント 評価 : 2.7
tinsel soldering practice run
tinsel soldering practice run 2 コメント 評価 : 3.0
final mockup, from the front front panel in position to see how it looks final soldered tinsels
final soldered tinsels 3 コメント 評価 : 2.9
Gakken NSX-39 Pocket Miku
Gakken NSX-39 Pocket Miku 1 コメント 評価 : 2.7
most parts in place, but not wired up
most parts in place, but not wired up 1 コメント 評価 : 3.0
some front-panel components
some front-panel components 21 コメント 評価 : 2.9
refinished end cheeks installed on the Cell[90] cases Ethernet extension
Ethernet extension 3 コメント 評価 : 3.1
everything wired up
everything wired up 3 コメント 評価 : 2.7