Actual text of the Boucher letter

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If you read Slashdot you'll probably already know about U.S. Congressman Rick Boucher's letter to the RIAA, in which he highlights the same concern that Eric R. Smith thought of and I flagged in one of my copyright responses.  Of course, it wasn't news for Slashdot until someone in the U.S. got the idea.  The idea, simply stated, is that if record companies are going to prevent consumer copying with digital rights management technology, then they should forfeit the money they're currently getting from the mlank media levy, which is supposed to be compensation for consumer copying.  They can't have that cake and eat it too.  The above link is the text of the actual letter, which may be more interesting than the stupid commentary you'll get from places like Slashdot.  [Actual text of the Boucher letter]

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