ISP licensing lives again under guise of anti-spam

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Here linked is Bill S-2, a Senate Bill against spam.  That's a laudable goal, of course, but some of the exact provisions are worrisome.  It establishes an organization that all commercial ISPs are required to belong to, which sounds a lot like licensing of ISPs; the organization is defined to have powers and duties beyond spam-blocking, such as "regulating the ethical behaviour of its members"; it requires all ISPs to install spam filters, and pornography filtering is defined as one possible function of a spam filter; it requires the creation of a national no-spam list, which is a problem because of the next point:  it defines as "spam" all unsolicited mail where there isn't a pre-existing relationship, so if someone reads my resume online and writes to offer me a job, then that is spam for legal purposes; and the no-spam list is not to be published, which makes it likely that everyone will have to tell the Government who they are sending messages to in order to do the database lookups (that isn't technically unavoidable, but I wonder about the real implementations).  You might want to read my comments on ISP licensing; eventually some commentary on S-2 will end up on that page.  [ISP licensing lives again under guise of anti-spam]

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