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Move update

Tue 14 Dec 2010 by mskala Tags used: ,

Starting to feel panicky about my move. The movers are coming for my stuff on the 21st. I have about half of it fully packed and sealed, and really, that does leave enough time, because most of the rest is already in boxes that just have to be checked, redistributed a bit, and sealed. My last full day in TO is the 22nd and I'm off on an early plane on the morning of the 23rd. Around the 21st will be when I take down and pack up my desktop machine. After that point I'll still have some access to the Net, but it will be limited, until the first week of January when I hope to have my desktop machine up and running in Winnipeg.

I have to put in the final version of a journal paper on the 16th - fortunately, most of the work for that is being done by my co-authors - and the initial submission of a conference paper on the 17th. That's going to be an adventure. The text is about half written; the experiments whose results will make up most of the rest are not yet complete; and there is little enough time now that it's not clear we will have enough CPU cycles in the remaining days, to actually finish those experiments. I have one co-author on that paper but he's also a co-author of several other papers for the same conference, and it looks like I have to carry the ball on the writing side. I'm due to attend a Christmas party on the evening of the 17th - can't skip, it's career-related - and expect to spend part of it sitting in the corner with my laptop making final edits and submissions. At least the weather has gotten colder. The cold is good for my experiments because it means I can lower the temperature in my apartment and that makes the computer (which is working at its limit without rest) a bit happier. I was having some thermal reliability problems earlier.

I decided the thing to do with the old clothes is to take them to Winnipeg and donate them there. I have the definite feeling that people in Winnipeg are poorer than in Toronto, and a quick check on the Net shows that there are a lot more ways to donate clothing on that end. It means doing the work of packing them, and paying for the shipping, but it also means I don't have to do the work of finding recipients on this end, which would be a type of work I particularly dislike, and would have to be done in a time-frame when my available effort is in very short supply. So once I saw it in those terms the answer became clear.

The dead computer hardware goes out with tonight's garbage. Not sure yet about the scrap aluminum - the city said they'd take it but I have my doubts about whether they'll really recycle it.

I posted a new version of the Tsukurimashou demo. I've added lowercase Latin, numerals, some tomoe ornaments, some punctuation (though Latin punctuation has a way to go), small caps, fractions, and some adjustments to existing characters. Genjimon and I Ching hexagrams are in the code but not in the demo file. Probably no more progress on this until the New Year. I've been putting off doing the katakana, but they are the logical next step.

I sent my novel, Shining Path, to the beta readers and got back comments from some of them. I've been working on the editing, and hope to have it in shape to start querying agents early in the new year.


My sympathies for the jam you are in. I like the wide gothic, especially the quirky ending on q and the nice descending curve of y. Axel - 2010-12-14 12:48
You can do it Matthew! And good things are happening! Daniel - 2010-12-14 13:47
Aluminum? Yeah, that stuff definitely gets recycled for real. The scrap value is way too high to send it to landfill. (The revenue generated by alunimum recycling, as a general rule, covers the costs associated with pretending to recycle everything else). kiwano - 2010-12-14 22:46
I should have been more specific: I'm sure that some organ of the City of Toronto will recycle aluminum, but I'm not convinced that the procedure I was told to follow will get it into the hands of people who will recognize and care that it *is* aluminum. The City told me to ask my building superintendent for an e-waste bag, and the building superintendent told me "Oh, you don't need a bag, just leave it at the curb."

I'm going to see how they do with the 486 tonight. Matt - 2010-12-14 23:26
Steven R. Baker
Are you going to be on the island for the holidays before going to Winnipeg? Steven R. Baker - 2010-12-17 23:08
Yes. Largely in Nanaimo, but I'll probably also spend some time in Victoria. You gonna be around? Matt - 2010-12-17 23:26
Steven R. Baker
I'm less than an hour away in Courtenay. Want to email me the phone number I can reach you at and dates? Steven R. Baker - 2010-12-18 02:22

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