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Chessudoku (much) cheaper

Mon 17 Oct 2011 by mskala Tags used:

Without my permission, Lulu.com changed the downloadable version of my book Chessudoku from a "download" to an "eBook." It'd still be a PDF-format file; the only practical difference is that they'd pay me a lower royalty. So in other words, they just told me (except they didn't really tell me, I had to find out when I logged in just now) "Hello, we are going to pay you less than we promised, thanks!" I think that's a violation of the spirit of their contract with me, even if they might technically have been within the letter of fine-print terms reserving the right to change their pricing structure.

I've removed the "eBook" version from their system. I've also lowered the price on the hardcopy version a little bit, to US$12.50. I'm considering removing that from their system too and terminating all business dealings with Lulu, but at the moment I don't have a suitable replacement and it'd be a shame to take the hardcopy version out of print entirely.

I'm posting the PDF version here on Ansuz for free. It is Creative Commons licensed. If you like it, please share it.


Tony H.
That's too bad. I bought a paper copy a couple of months ago, because this really is the sort of book that cries out to be printed and then written on, but in a nice format like 6"x9" rather than typical 8.5"x11" printer paper. I must say I was impressed by the quality of the paper, cover, and perfect binding - much better than what I imagined it'd be. Tony H. - 2011-10-24 13:37
Well, paper copies are still available, precisely because it's nice to have them. I'll be on the lookout for another provider of that service, though. Matt - 2011-10-24 21:40

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