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Rape is not sacred

Mon 20 Aug 2012 by mskala Tags used: ,

Folks, I'm sick of hearing about Todd Akin. Yes, he said something stupid and ignorant. But religious-conservative politicians do stupid and ignorant things - things that actually directly hurt and kill people - every day. Just saying something, with the only direct real-life consequence being the end of his own career, is not in the same league as let's say passing a Federal budget. There is no comparison.

I've been warning you about people like him for years, and my comments have been generally ignored. Others have been warning you for even more years; some people with views similar to mine get links and re-tweets, but not many, and people like Akin continue getting elected and taken seriously. And when the Net finally does get angry, what makes the Net angry? Not the real-life policies that actually do directly harm and kill people. No, what makes the Net angry and fills my Twitter and Facebook feeds with venom from all quarters is an idiotic throw-away comment that didn't directly harm anybody but Akin himself.

I think Akin is getting special treatment, and his comment is getting publicity far beyond that given the real harms of religious-conservative politics, just because his comment was about rape. And rape is sacred to many of you. It's the one subject that will cause you to discard all sense of proportion and reality.

Rape is not sacred, and I want nothing to do with people who treat rape as sacred.


This post makes me want to rape you in as secular a manner as possible.
Owen - 2012-08-20 13:55
Think of the fun there would be if you wrote that in the comment section of a *woman's* Web log.
Matt - 2012-08-20 14:08
In the 24-hours news cycle things go stale very quickly once they are milked for rating. Make a big deal out of something, and it sells. Remember that we are consumers, and if we consume this, then we essentially are "feeding the trolls". I don't give a rat's ass, someone else might get all angry, and post what not nonsense. What people don't realize is that most of them are sheep being controlled by people in power to get their votes by not appealing to their higher senses, but to the baser inclinations like fear, hate and etc.

This is what I see with this reality show, and i am tuning out. I suggest you do the same and "don't feed the trolls".
yunior - 2012-08-20 19:19

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