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A palindrome

Thu 19 Sep 2019 by mskala Tags used: , ,

From roughly 1999, when I completed a Bachelor's degree and started a Master's, until 2016, when I left academia at the postdoctoral research level, I regularly received solicitations from recruiters trying to interest me in work in the computing industry. I generally ignored and rejected these solicitations - mostly because I wanted an academic career instead, and also partly because the recruiters steadfastly refused to use ever email as a first-class communications medium, instead trying to "set up a phone call" for any substantive communication. More about the telephone thing another time.

For now, the point I'd like to highlight is that as soon as I left the academic path and updated my LinkedIn profile to say I no longer worked at a university, I stopped hearing from these people. My qualifications are the same or better now; it would seem (since I now have some business experience, and I'm no longer committed to research as a career) that I might be a better prospect, with more freedom and possible interest to listen to what they have to say; but the solicitations have just dried up. It's almost like they only want the one that they can't get.

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You're not missing much, recruiters generally overstate their importance and if you end up engaging with them, in the best case, they end up submitting an employment application on your behalf. Hardly the employment guarantees they love to spout. You're no worse off just dropping your resume off yourself.

But yeah, it feels good to be wanted, even if you know it isn't real.
Hans Einfeld - 2019-09-19 13:34

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