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pay-per-view card dispenser
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pay-per-view card dispenser
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From: Matt on 2011-09-11 00:46:33
Hotels in the West go to great lengths to make you as comfortable as possible about watching pay-per-view porn movies in your room - usually, it'll just appear on your bill as "pay per view" without specifying what, and they provide a couple of innocuous choices for plausible deniability - but the Japanese go a step further. Pay-per-view porn is unlocked by prepaid cards, which you can buy discreetly from this machine, and it won't appear on your bill at all. The room also came with a lurid brochure detailing, minute by minute, exactly what videos would be playing when. That's important in a culture with so many extremely specific fetishes as this one has, because if you're not careful and tune in a minute or two too early or too late, you can easily end up seeing something you would have preferred not to see.