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Chiji train station
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Chiji train station
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From: Matt on 2011-09-26 09:30:57
At a bigger station there would be a multifunction turnstile ticket gate: getting on, you put in your ticket and the gate cancels it and gives it back, recording where (and the fact that) you got on, and getting off you put your ticket in the gate, if the ticket was for enough fare to cover the distance from where you got on then the gate swallows the ticket and lets you through, and if the ticket wasn't for enough, it locks, and you have to go use the fare adjustment machine to top up the ticket. At Chiji, what they have instead is the box at lower right. Getting on, you just get on (there may be a conductor on the train to punch your ticket), and getting off, you leave your ticket in the box (the conductor may have already checked it onboard to see that it was enough).