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costume posters
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costume posters
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From: Matt on 2011-09-19 02:47:43
When I took this photo I thought the two posters on the right were ads for butler cafes - same concept as maid cafes, but with bishounen ("pretty boys") waiting on female customers. On looking more carefully at the photo, though, I think what's being sold is the actual costumes, for you to wear yourself. There are not many butler cafes in Akihabara. No doubt some exist, but mostly you would find those on Otome ("maiden") Road, a separate district specialized for female otaku (fujoshi, "rotten girls"). I don't know whether girls would be allowed into maid cafes, or boys into butler cafes, should they want to go - homosexuality is a staple of pop-culture fantasy, but not necessarily so accepted in real life. Nonetheless, the Lonely Planet guide claims that there are some butler cafes where girls in masculine drag serve female clients.
From: Algirdas on 2011-12-23 20:26:47
"I don't know whether girls would be allowed into maid cafes" Aren't maid cafes a type of cosplay cafe? Are you saying that an episode where Konata invited Kagami and others to the cafe she works at can not possibly happen? Oh, noes!
From: Matt on 2012-01-04 12:20:37
Don't worry, that's the only thing in Lucky Star I'm not certain is 100% accurate.