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Project DIVA extend
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Project DIVA extend
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From: Matt on 2011-09-19 01:52:26
The large poster at left is for the latest PSP video game, and associated musical album, featuring Hatsune Miku. She says, 「秋葉原へ、ようこそ!」 ("Welcome to Akihabara!") Hatsune Miku is a PC software package sold by Crypton Future Media, based on the Yamaha Vocaloid 2 software synthesis technology. You program in the notes and lyrics and it generates an audio file of the synthesized voice singing the song.
From: Matt on 2011-09-19 01:53:12
Some users of this software have created good enough original music with it to be taken seriously as professional musicians in their own right. For instance, Supercell's song "Black Rock Shooter" (with vocals by Hatsune Miku) became the basis for an OAV anime series, and Supercell went on to audition hundreds of human beings to choose a lead singer for their next album, and I think they also contributed a song to the album advertised here. One of my friends, who wasn't familiar with the character, said after I gave him a capsule description, "Oh, so she's not a real character [like, say, Asuka Langley Soryuu from Eva]?" Well, what is a real character? Stuff like this is going to keep the ontologists busy for years. Also: note zettai ryouiki.