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ready to modify the USB hub
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ready to modify the USB hub
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From: Matt on 2014-07-02 18:08:36
This is the board out of a low-end four-port hub. The idea is that it get attached to the front panel between the panel and the ODROID - that's why the ODROID gets such long spacers, and it's necessary to fit everything into 36HP. All four USB sockets on the board are coming off; one will be replaced by a captive mini-USB cable to plug into the LCD, and the other three will receive right-angle USB sockets that will be accessible from the front panel. Meanwhile the hub plugs into one of the ODROID's three USB ports, and the other two of those are filled by the captive cables on the CVpals. The hub also receives its own power feed directly from the distribution terminals instead of drawing all its power from the ODROID; that should relieve stress on the ODROID's power system, which I don't trust.