root/LCDモニターの直し・LCD monitor repair/ - 32 file(s) 日本語
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From: Matt on 2012-07-23 18:16:50
With the tape removed, it's now almost possible to separate the electronics box from the monitor panel itself. The only thing still holding them together is the multi-pair data cable near the centre. I tried to disconnect that, but it didn't seem easy to do while being sure of not damaging it, and since I didn't absolutely need to undo that connection, I decided to leave it in place. The part we're really interested in is the large green board at left: the power supply. It is held in place by four screws, a two-pin cable for AC power, and the multi-conductor grey cable that goes to the "brain" board in the centre.
From: Matt on 2012-07-26 13:53:57
Note how much empty space is in there. Wouldn't it be interesting to add a small-form-factor PC motherboard and some flash storage?