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From: Matt on 2012-07-25 19:00:58
Close-up of the new parts. The brownish high-voltage capacitors are made by "United Chemi-con"; the others are from "Nichicon." According to the customs paperwork, all are Japanese except for the 50V 33uF unit (the smallest one, at the bottom), which is from Malaysia. Why is this one product from an apparently Japanese company, a Malaysian product as far as US Customs is concerned? The world wonders.
From: Matt on 2012-07-25 19:06:40
I got the highest lifetime-at-high-temperature rated components I could, because that's the issue for services inside a monitor. For the high-voltage capacitors the selection was limited, so I ended up with "10000 Hrs @ 105°C", probably the same as the ones I removed (which certainly were labelled as 105°C, hours not marked). For all the blue ones, the best available lifetime-at-temperature rating seemed to be on capacitors intended for "automotive" service: 10000 Hrs 125°C (the ones being replaced were rated for 105°C).
From: Matt on 2012-07-25 20:09:12
"Con" in both company names is probably short for コンデンサー("kondensaa"), which is the Japanese term for "capacitor," derived from the now-obsolete English term "condensor."