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From: Matt on 2012-07-08 10:40:00
Vending machine refreshments from the Helsinki airport. The candy appears to be salmiakki red licorice: just like familiar North American red licorice, it's a "red candy" flavour and doesn't have the flavour that is called "licorice" at all. However, it does have an ammonium chloride bomb at the centre of each ball, because this is still Finland we're talking about. The same machine also sold a classic black salmiakki candy, evidently from the same manufacturer. Its packaging featured a very visibly male donkey with huge testicles. According to Google Translate, the name "Kummat Kummut" means "weird hummocks." The drink is (assuming I correctly read the Finnish labels on the vending-machine buttons) an espresso with sugar, and better than one might think given where it came from and that it was only 2 euros. I was trying to use up my euro coins, which are difficult to exchange.