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From: Matt on 2011-09-17 05:39:18
Train departure sign, Kanazawa, Saturday morning. The next three trains on Platform 3 (left) are all local trains to Toyama (富山). Platform 4 (bottom of sign) is the little extra platform for the Nanao (七尾) Line, which is the one serving Hakui and Chiji Stations for Keta Taisha. That platform is 65 metres behind the viewer. On Platform 5 (right) the next train is not in service (回送 - my dictionary translates that as "forwarding" but "not in service" is what JR's English-language signs say). That train is actually arriving right now, and visible at the right of the picture. (The train at left is on some other platform further away, probably Platform 2.) The next one on Platform 5 will be my train, the Limited Express Shirasagi 56 (しらさぎ56号) to Maibara (米原), followed by the Limited Express Hakutaka 7 (はくたか7号) to Echigoyuzawa (越後湯沢).