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refinished end cheeks installed on the Cell[90] cases
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refinished end cheeks installed on the Cell[90] cases
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From: Matt on 2014-07-02 18:33:01
I later had to disassemble this (at the cost of scratching my lovely varnish, but fortunately only in inside places that won't show once the modules are installed) to reverse the position of the lower Cell[90] case, because with the power connections as shown, it's impossible to connect the power supply to the lower case. A plug plugged into the lower row's power socket would have to pass through the wall of the upper row. Never mind that the instruction manual, which I didn't consult before assembly, recommends installing them with the power connectors facing each other (i.e. the lower row as shown here and the upper row reversed), in which configuration BOTH rows would become impossible to use.