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tinsel soldering practice run
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tinsel soldering practice run
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From: Matt on 2014-07-02 18:50:41
The ODROID's audio connection is a cell-phone-style (Samsung, not Apple, pinout... this is important) TRRS connector. It takes what looks like a 1/8" stereo plug with an extra ring around it, to connect left and right outputs and microphone as well as ground. Male connectors of this type are hard to find, especially if you want a right-angled one (which was necessary for me because of the cramped space inside the modular case). I ended up buying the cheapest pair of earbuds with built-in microphone that I could find with a right-angled TRRS plug, and cutting off a chunk of cable attached to the plug. But that necessitated soldering to the horrible tinsel wires inside the cable. Shown here is a practice run with another chunk of the cable, in which I was trying to learn the technique of tinning the tinsel wires to get a decent connection out of them. Of course this was all done with lead-free hippie solder, which only makes it all even more tricky.