root/LCDモニターの直し・LCD monitor repair/ - 32 file(s) 日本語
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From: Matt on 2012-07-23 18:40:15
Scratch and win! I did one of the big ones first because there were two, presumably identical, and I figured that way if I destroyed it I'd still have a second chance. That proved to be good thinking, because on my first attempt I did scratch too hard and partially obliterate the marking. The other two went better. It turns out that C101 and C102 are 450V 82uF, and C105 is 50V 33uF. There is a little dot between the two digits of "33" but I'm *pretty* sure that is just a bit of unscratched glue and it's not really meant to say "3.3". If I'm wrong, I guess I'll find out.