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アルトメトスターフトクラースト・Ultimate Stuffed Crust
評価 : 3.3 (投票数 : 111)
アルトメトスターフトクラースト・Ultimate Stuffed Crust
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From: Matt on 2011-12-01 17:12:30
When I got this flyer in the mail I thought, at lost last, we can enjoy in Canada the hilarious excesses of Japanese Pizza Hut! Then I decided to post about it on my Japanese Web log; so I had to translate the text on the flyer into Japanese. I figured, okay, to get the proper Japanese terms for standard pizza toppings I'll just look on the Japanese Pizza Hut Web site, that being a better guide to current usage than the dictionary. It was interesting; I had fun looking at the pictures of the different pizzas and side dishes. Like, for instance, the プリプリえびグラタン. The "puri-puri" shrimp casserole. It looked pretty tasty; I wasn't sure what "puri-puri" meant but made a mental note to look that up. When I looked at the list of pizza toppings and the first item I recognized was mayonnaise, I realised this wasn't going to work; sure, they'll tell me the names of pizza toppings in Japanese, but they're going to be *Japanese* pizza toppings. Familiar North American pizza toppings (such as "dice-cut potato") were listed on the menu in English anyway (written in katakana so as to be incomprehensible to people who actually do read English), instead of the standard Japanese words for those same things. I think this may be because Japanese people buying the Idaho special pizza want to know that it's authentically foreign. As for "puri-puri," the dictionary says it means "high on marijuana." So okay, Japan, you win again. Canadian Pizza Hut still has a long way to go to catch up.
From: Matt on 2011-12-01 17:14:37
Yes, I know that "puri-puri" can also mean "tender." Kraft Stoned Wheat Thins aren't a drug reference either, but it's still funny.