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disodium inosinate
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disodium inosinate
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From: Matt on 2011-08-26 10:09:35
Disodium inosinate is a flavour enhancer similar to, and often used with, monosodium glutamate. The molecule has three main parts: a phosphate (upper left, red and grey with phosphorus and oxygen) bonded to a sugar (bottom, black and red with carbon and oxygen) and a purine (upper right, black and blue with carbon and nitrogen). The two sodium ions (upper left, grey with extra holes) are not really bonded to the phosphate as shown - in solution they'll generally be off doing their ionic thing wherever, and I've just put in bonds to show that they're associated with the phosphate in a charge-counting sense. This was an interesting model to do because I had to combine parts from two kits to get enough oxygen and nitrogen, and even then I ran out of the shorter bonds used for those, so some of the bonds in the purine should really be a tiny bit shorter than shown.