Access Copyright offers to let you pay to be indoctrinated

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This second Globe and Mail article I've linked today describes how my friends and I'm sure yours too, Access Copyright (formerly CANCOPY), are offering an online course in which up to 250 lucky people will be allowed to receive two email messages a week for nine weeks educating them on (Access Copyright's interpretation of) copyright law, followed by a quiz and a certificate.  For an unspecified fee, if you're not already affiliated with them.

Hey!  Wouldn't it be cool if those of us who may subscribe to a different interpretation from that promoted by Access Copyright, were to put together a similar set of lessons?  I'd be willing to write and host the email robot, though I wouldn't be willing to (and shouldn't anyway) write all the course material myself.  There are a lot of people and organizations in the copyright reform community who pull name-recognition weight comparable to that of Access Copyright - I'm thinking of law professors, CIPPIC, and so on - and it seems to me like it wouldn't be difficult to put together maybe 24000 words or so of (Creative Commons licensed!) educational material.  This looks to me like a good opportunity to educate the public ourselves.  I think I'll pass the suggestion along to some people.

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