AMV study looking for creators, viewers

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I'm hijacking one of my older postings for this update:  researchers at the Annanberg Center for Communication are conducting a survey and seeking interview volunteers to describe their experiences relating to anime music videos (AMVs).  I think it's pretty important to conduct this kind of research and I hope lots of people participate.  The survey is online.  My older posting, about Lawrence Lessig's comments on AMVs, is below; I first spotted this item in his Web log.

It's always nice to see people and communities I like connecting with each other.  Lawrence Lessig, for instance, seems to be a big fan of anime music videos.  I already wrote about his using them as an example in a talk, back in September 2005; now he's written a complimentary article for FT describing them as the cutting edge of the "read-write Internet".  See also his Web log entry about it.

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