Another thing wrong with attention bonds

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See my previous posting.  Here's another problem:  malware.  Viruses will be written to make your computer post bonds you didn't intend to post, to random people or to the virus author.  Either the bond-posting process can be made difficult enough that you'll find it really annoying to use legitimately, or it can be made easy enough that viruses can get you in trouble; most likely both.  The proposal that bonds are to be paid from a pre-paid account (so you can't post bonds for more money than you're willing to risk) only limits the potential damage per victim without hurting the scammer who has lots of victims.  A thief who can steal $10 each from a hundred thousand people won't shed too many tears about being unable to steal more than $10 per victim.  Providing any way to roll back a collected bond that was posted falsely, would defeat the purpose of the bond system.

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