On a less serious note

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I have mixed feelings about the amazing revelation in today's Ozy&Millie.  Spoiler warning.

Sure, they make a cute couple.  I like Ms.  Mudd - she's a fox - and I'm all in favour of romances of "dashing twenty-something pirates" for reasons that should be obvious.  However, it means that the land beyond the couch cushions is a bit less Utopian than we were lead to believe.  When we first met Locke we thought he was a child commanding a crew of adults.  Now we find out that on that level of reality people are born old and get more youthful over time, so even though the place appears to be run by children, they're really the adults, and the repressed old-looking people are really children after all.  (For some value of "reality" that applies to such a place.) It's not so different from our world.

[On a less serious note]

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