ACLU creates DMCA/censorware test case

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The ACLU is now working on what might be the DMCA test case that cp4break wasn't:  Edelman v.  N2H2, complaint linked above.  The story here is that Ben Edelman is a researcher who wants to break N2H2's "Bess" filtering program and not end up in jail for DMCA or license agreement violation, so he's seeking a judgment from the court to say that it's alright for him to do that.  The Library of Congress ruling on DMCA exemptions supports the idea that his actions should be allowed, and it appears to have been influenced by my writings, so I guess I can claim to have had some part in this.  That ruling is pretty strong as to the DMCA issues; but the license agreement issues (Bess's clickwrap forbids reverse engineering, I think illegally) still need to be cleared up.  More coverage on  [ACLU creates DMCA/censorware test case]

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