US Supreme Court rules libraries must filter

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The US Supreme Court has overturned the lower courts' rulings in United States v.  American Library Association, and upheld the Constitutionality of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA).  This means that all libraries in the USA that receive Federal "e-rate" funding for Internet access, must apply censorware to all their computers to prevent the viewing of material "harmful to minors" - including computers for staff only, computers used only by adults, and computers that aren't funded by the e-rate money.  There's a vague provision for adult library users to request the unblocking of material for "legitimate" research purposes, but restricting all users to the level considered suitable for children, must be the default.  See the LawMeme comments linked above, the decision in PDF form, the ALA press release, the EFF press release, Seth Finkelstein's blog, and all the usual suspects.  [US Supreme Court rules libraries must filter]

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