Curfew delayed in Huntingdon, Quebec

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This really takes me back.  It's been years since I wrote or thought anything about youth curfews, but they were a significant part of ASFAR's (Americans for a Society Free from Agre Restrictions) platform back when I was involved in that organization, circa 1997.  Today's story is that the town of Huntingdon, 65km southwest of Montreal, passed a bylaw to confine persons under 16 to their homes between 10:30pm and 6:00am.  Now they've suspended enforcement, pending a lawsuit brought by local Liberal MP André Chenail.  I'm impressed.  Not many, and not enough, MPs would be willing to take such a stand - especially not on behalf of constituents who aren't allowed to vote.  [Curfew delayed in Huntingdon, Quebec]

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