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Here are a few links to other pages of interest.  I don't necessarily agree with all of them, and some of them aren't directly related to ISP age discrimination, but they're all worth reading for one reason or another.

Teen Liberty
Opposing attempts to raise the age of sexual consent in Canada.  Some proposals would make it illegal for people under the age of 16 to have sex - at all.  As if we didn't have enough problems already. 
Littleton links
Youth violence isn't exactly an age restriction issue, but these links could come in under the heading of freedom to be a geek.  Extra disclaimers apply, these documents will upset you. 
John Trueman
Reciprocal link.  I've had some less than nice things to say before now about the gay lobby in UVic student politics, and its effects on people like myself.  (Male, white, straight:  three strikes against me even before I say anything offensive.) So I'm really glad to see this fellow supporting those of my views that he can agree with.  I'll do the same for him. 
The Final Prejudice
Excellent article from The Libertarian Enterprise, about the Star Trek:  The Next Generation episode Rascals interpreted in youth rights terms. 
The voting age
I'm also opposed to the minimum voting age; I believe a central concept of democracy is that everyone expected to obey the law must have a vote, including people who aren't competant to vote by reason of their age or anything else.  This link is to some writings on that topic which I posted in a Usenet discussion. 
Americans for a Society Free of Age Restrictions.  I am no longer a member of this organization, but I'm sure they are still using their informative mailing list and other resources to promote youth rights. 
Teenagers against content filtering of the Net.  Includes shocking revelations about what filter programs really block.  Peacefire is blocked by Cybersitter filtering software because of its criticisms of their blocking policies.  In fact, this page will be blocked too just for mentioning Peacefire. 
Let kids fly! 
At some point in the dim past, before the Web, I encountered an organization with the slogan Let kids fly! which was opposing the introduction of age restrictions on pilot's license examinations.  If anyone out there has more information on this organization if it still exists, please let me know.  If they've got a web page, I'd like to link them from here. 
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