Reality beats me to the punch yet again

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Some time ago I read on BeliefNet a story about a dying teenage boy who was helped by one of those "last wish" organizations.  He wished for "a date with a redhead", and the resulting experience was very Inspirational and Faith-Affirming for the teenage girl from whose point of view the story is written.  (Story ripped off from one of the Chicken Soup books and reprinted with and without attribution all over the Net.) Well, that got me thinking.  Obviously these people were Christians with a capital X and a "date" would be about all the kid could reasonably expect, but it's hard not to imagine that when we're talking about a 15-year-old male the thought might at least cross his mind that "I don't want to die a virgin," and what if he were to actually express that as his last wish?  It even crossed my mind to write a story examining that possibility, although it's a dicey proposition because the stupid, stupid Canadian child pornography laws can cover purely fictional text created without harming any real children, if it's considered not to have redeeming artistic value.  (Statute and enforcement are two very different things, and I think my contemplated story obviously would have redeeming artistic value, but if I keep discussing this I'll be at five thousand words before we know it.) Anyway, it turns out that, as I probably should have guessed, the last wish for sex ain't so fictional.  [Reality beats me to the punch yet again]

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