Stop me before I rant again

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Quote from Mrs.  Carol Skelton (Saskatoon--Rosetown--Biggar, Canadian Alliance)'s statement in Parliament yesterday:  "While the sexual age of consent in the country remains at 14 years of age we will continue to have a problem." She said other things, too, but I don't think that taking that sentence by itself misrepresents her attitude.  Yesterday also saw a round of tributes for Preston Manning, as he leaves politics.  I'd feel happier about Manning leaving if it weren't for the current trend of the right becoming more and more extreme - there are days when Manning looks positively moderate by comparison.  And I heard a mention on the radio this morning that one of Enza Supermodel Anderson's campaign fundraisers had failed; I don't know if that's a final end to her leadership bid, and if it is, I can't say it's any surprise, but it's another depressing event.  Sure would be cool if she'd win the Alliance leadership.  [Stop me before I rant again]

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