White teenager "rescued" from black boyfriend

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This article from the Montreal Gazette covers the first invocation of Quebec's new "Amber Alert" anti-child-abduction system, and it highlights the difference between what we fear, and what the systems we build to protect ourselves actually counteract.  Amber Alert is sold on the premise that it counteracts the classic nightmare abduction scenario:  an evil stranger grabs a small child and makes off with them.  The actual case here was of a 17-year-old who had an argument with an 18-year-old and then voluntarily got into a car with him; not the classic "abduction" at all.  Even for cases that are acknowledged as abductions, the "abductor" is often the child's parent (most often, the father) who had lost a custody battle, and that's a completely different kind of situation from the stranger/tiny child/white slave trade fairy tale that's used to sell Amber Alert and similar systems.  This all reminds me of the age-of-consent issue, where we're confronted with a nightmare scenario ("Evil pedophiles raping 3-year-olds!") and it's used as a justification for a crackdown on something entirely different ("We must raise the age of consent to 18!").  It's no coincidence that there's an illicit-sex (or at least, illicit-romance) angle in the Shandal case, too, what with the racial thing.  Thanks to Kate McDonnell and her Montreal City Weblog, where I picked up this item.  [White teenager "rescued" from black boyfriend]

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