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Pornography not just for boys anymore

Here's an article from Mainichi Interactive (in English) on the trend towards explicit sexuality in shoujo manga (Japanese graphic novels marketed to girls).  One point I find interesting is that this stuff is not at all new in shounen (aimed at boys) products, but apparently a line has been crossed now that the readers are female.  Also interesting are some of the comments from youthful interviewees - one of whom pointed out that hey, if we're sitting here reading manga alone, that means we're not "cool" enough to be out there doing this stuff with boys in real life, so "parents should feel at ease".  Another fingers sex-related Internet spam as a worse problem.  The difference between fantasy and reality seems to be a lot clearer than it is for many North Americans.  Notice also the tone of the article in the third paragraph; I don't know whether that adjective-heavy style is direct from the original Japanese or introduced by the translator, but I think somebody over at Mainichi has been spending too much time reading the wrong kind of fanfic.


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