Florian Gross has posted a 6-line P2P application in comp.lang.ruby.  Enjoy this Google Groups link while it lasts.  Although this is still cool, please note that it uses a library called "DRb", which apparently implements most of the intelligence for distributed applications.  If we allow that, then the game becomes a test of library support rather than of programmer ingenuity; still an interesting question, but not the one I'm interested in.  From a political point of view, this code doesn't prove that P2P is irrepressible so much as it proves that DRb is a piracy tool.

For added amusement value, here's how Babelfish translated the Korean blog entry in which I found this item:

It raised the cord of the base p2p program where the green onion which becomes with 15 lines where the person who is the tinyp2p cuts in magnetic blow him.  ? The P2P program is and this program in server/client mode to operate it transmits the file of server side in client.  That le 9 it has the name where the person who is a Matthew Scala to sleep is the MoleSter it will decrease with it became and phel it opened to the public the source cord of program.  The tinyp2p with the xmlrpclib is same and in advance it equips and the other side which a server library position (ready made) uses?  The MoleSter there is a difference which uses only a socket library.  As ruby quality sso nya.  The Florian the Gross 6 will decrease with raises the source cord of the program which is identical becomes in the ruby-talk and (to Google Groups the blood ting is becoming still).  Prerequisite it does with no permission.
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