Simulation game:  build a city, much in the manner of SimCity or LinCity, and demonstrate the advanced features of Xconq material model 1.

[Shot of XCCity in action]

Current status

Pre-alpha.  I've converted to Xconq format the graphics from LinCity, and laid some plans for different material types and how they'll be handled (which is the essence of this game).  It's possible to build residential units of different types and watch them reach population equilibrium.  Further development will probably have to wait until we have a feature for materials to produce other materials without the intervention of units - which is planned, but not a high priority.  There are also some problems with ACP-independent building.  Minor technical issues include ACP-independent non-building commands (such as "add terrain") and interface limitations on the range of the "add terrain" command.  Other developers have talked about city simulation games too, so it's possible someone else will come out with a working one before I do.

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