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Now, I know what you're thinking:  "Did he file six interventions or only five?" To tell the truth, in all the excitement I kind of lost track myself.  So what you should be asking yourself is, "Do I feel lucky?"

Industry Canada's "Intellectual Property Policy Directorate" and the Canadian Heritage Ministry are reviewing Canada's copyright laws with an eye to modernize them to take into account new digital technologies.  Some people are fearful that this could herald Canadian legislation parallelling the DMCA or, worse, the SSSCA. The Government asked for submissions from concerned members of the public, and there've been a lot of those.

Q: Where should I start reading first?
A: You should start with the list of Top 12 Copyright reform issues, then come back here and read the more detailed items that interest you on the lists below.

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Official postings (current)

Matthew Skala's postings (current/still relevant)

Canadian legislation

Blank media levy

Consultation process:  2002

Consultation process:  2001

"Lawful access" (CanCarnivore)

The Justice Department's comment process on "lawful access" (introduction of a wiretapping regime to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime) is not really about copyright, but it's closely related.  I'm not following it as closely, but I did write a submission.  For more detailed information I recommend Jason Young's page on the Cybercrime consultation.  Here are some other links:

Historical documents and industry commentaries

Technological Protection Measures

Term extension

Traditional knowledge

Other resources

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