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I'm Matthew Skala, and this is my personal Web site. I am also on the Web in several other places, associated for instance with my work. As of early 2016, I am a Postdoc at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, working on the EU-funded Scalable Similarity Search project. I am originally from Canada. You won't find much about my work on this site, except for my publications list; this site is a place for me to post personal, political, religious, creative, and other material.

My current position lasts through August 2016, and I'm currently looking for my next job - which I hope will be a tenure-track faculty position. My background includes computational geometry, computational linguistics, and a variety of other topics. I'm happy to hear about job opportunities if they are relevant, but I will not relocate to the USA, and any position that is not academic faculty would have to be truly exceptional to be of interest to me.

Ansuz has existed in some form or another since 1993 - predating general public use of the Web, because the earliest form was a dialup BBS. The name "Ansuz" is the name of a rune, a letter in an old alphabet of Northern Europe, associated with communication and learning.

I am not the same Matthew Skala found at His Bacon number is 3; my Erdös number is 2. As far as I know we're unrelated. I also am not the self-published author of Third in Command. I am the same Matthew Skala who was involved in the Cyber Patrol reverse engineering court case circa 2001, and most other references to "Matthew Skala" on the Net are about me as well.

I am single and don't want to remain so.

2009年から、日本語を勉強しています。 日本語の日記を読んで下さい。

Email is the best way to contact me, but here are some other connections: [Twitter: mattskala] [Facebook: mskala] [Linkedin]

Cryptographic keys: PGP 2.6.3 and GnuPG.