Matthew Skala's "about" page

Ansuz is the personal Web site of Matthew Skala. Email 日本語でメールならようこそ。 I can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but the best social-networking places to find me are (English) and (日本語).

If you wish to support me and the content I provide for free on this site, the best thing to do is to share links to my work on your social media. Failing that, buy products from my synthesizer business.

I have a PhD in Computer Science and a wide range of experience in multiple disciplines. Email me for consulting rates and information.

Notwithstanding the domain name, which I keep as a connection to my roots, I'm currently located in Toronto, Ontario.

Other sites I run:

I am not the same Matthew Skala found at His Bacon number is 3; my Erdös number is 2.

Cryptographic keys: PGP 2.6.3 and GnuPG.