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Henry and Eliza

Friday 7 June 2002, 14:21

Henry came home from work feeling as horny as Hell. He threw his coat across the back of a chair, kicked off his boots, and picked up the mouse from its spot on top of the pile of books on the kitchen table, next to the breakfast dishes. He didn't shower. Eliza wouldn't care.

Rogers annoyance

Friday 18 June 2010, 14:34

It turns out that although I thought I was connected to the Net again, all outgoing email from my system was being queued until a few minutes ago, because I use a third-party SMTP provider (for which I pay a fee) rather than trusting any connection provider with my email. Rogers blocks outgoing port 25 connections, in an effort to force their customers to use their servers, presumably as an anti-spam measure. This does not please me at all, especially on top of the DNS problems already noted. A complaint has been filed. Seriously considering telling them to go fuck themselves, never mind that I just paid an installation fee I'd be unlikely to get back.

Let's rid of spam!

Tuesday 30 March 2010, 14:27

Well, the comment spammers sure showed up fast. I have enabled "spam-quiz" authentication, much like what worked well on the old site: you have to enter "bonobo" in the anti-spam field to post a comment, and there's an explanation saying so right next to it. This software also supports what it calls hash-cash, which involves a piece of obfuscated Javascript that does a calculation on the client side to prove that the user is running some approximation of a real Web browser instead of a robot. I'd prefer to avoid that, though, because both obfuscated Javascript and Javascript in general are instruments of the Devil.