Resources for typesetting astrological documents with LaTeX. NEW:  new release of my "horoscop" package for typesetting wheel charts, with some features fixed and bugs added.

horoscop v0.91

This is the latest beta release of horoscop, a LaTeX package for typesetting wheel charts.  I'm posting the beta version 0.91 here only; my plan is that after people have had a chance to take a look at it and give some feedback, I'll put together a more final package which will be 1.0 and released through CTAN. If this package interests you, please do both look at it yourself and encourage others to do so.  It was initially designed with my own needs in mind, but I'd like to make it relevant to other users too.  Summary of features:

  • A unified interface for astrological symbols/glyphs, supporting three different astrological fonts as well as text abbreviations. 
  • Support for invoking Astrolog or Swiss Ephemeris to calculate charts.  Positions can also be specified manually. 
  • Loading and saving object and cusp positions into TeX macros. 
  • Typesetting of angles and positions as text. 
  • Ready-made templates for basic wheel charts, dial charts including multi-dials with up to four sets of objects, and decorative wheel charts. 
  • Optional variations of the standard templates:  aspect webs, highlighting for angular cusps, choice of what to include in object labels, house labels inside the houses. 
  • Low-level graphics functions for plotting in polar coordinates and building new templates. 
  • Labels move, and where necessary houses expand, to prevent crowding. 
  • NEW - smart rounding of angles for display.

Documentation of the package, including extensive examples and implementation details, is available in a 126-page PDF file.  The package itself is available as a traditional .ins and .dtx pair, or a ready-made .sty file.  To make full use of horoscop, you will also need the starfont package below, and a working installation of either Swiss Ephemeris or Astrolog.

starfont v1.1

Here's a package I wrote back in 2004 called starfont, which makes Anthony Owen's popular astrological font StarFont Sans available to LaTeX. You can download a ZIP file or look at the documentation in PDF form.  Because of licensing issues, CTAN requested that I modify the package to not include the actual font.  So in 2006 I removed that, and took the opportunity to update the style file to include Uranian planets and a few other symbols.  In order to use it, you will need the files CTAN doesn't distribute:  starfont.afm and starfont.pfb.  Further explanation is in the package documentation.

Note added July 2008: You may also need a TFM file, fstr8x.tfm. This can be generated with afm2tfm from the AFM file above, but some people have complained about the absence of a pre-generated one. If you need it, there it is.

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