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Another modem bites the dust

Sunday 13 June 2010, 10:32

I was away at a workshop from Wednesday morning until Saturday evening, and I didn't have network connectivity where I was. As a result, it was not until I got home Saturday that I discovered my DSL modem had been failing over the course of the past few days. It first flaked out for a few hours on Tuesday night, but since it then was able to connect again I thought when I left Wednesday that the problem was on the ISP's end and fixed by them. Through most of my trip, however, it was dead. I got about half an hour of use from it on Saturday night by dint of repeated power-cycling, but then it failed even harder and seems unlikely to rise again now.

This raises the question of what to do about getting the connection up again. When Execulink fucked up the transfer of my DSL to my new location in January 2009, I resolved to stop dealing with them when I next moved. But since it's looking like I have to go through a few days with no home Internet connection anyway, and I'd probably be having to go through a connection change anyway in a few months, when I may move out of the Execulink coverage area, it seems like now may be the right time to switch away. Accordingly, I've put in an order for Rogers cable networking. They are slime too, of course.

The Terrible Secret of Livejournal: archived comments

Thursday 9 August 2007, 04:00

Link to Part 1.

When I posted my item on "The Terrible Secret of Livejournal" in 2007, it attracted a lot of comments. I've since changed the code that runs my Web site, and it's not easy to import those old comments as regular comments in the new code; but I wanted to preserve them, so I'm posting them here in the form of another entry. New comments are disabled here; you should add them on the concluding page of the article.

On having a personal Web site

Sunday 28 March 2010, 22:04

Quick! Imagine a ham radio operator!